The Best Insulation Materials for Roof Waterproofing
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The Best Insulation Materials for Roof Waterproofing

The Roof is the most exposed part of your building to rain! That’s why, Roof Waterproofing is the main protector of Your Structure against water, moisture, and extreme weather effects.

Markedly, You need to be neater while choosing your Water Insulation Material, To last the lifelong of your building.


How to Choose The Best Material for Roof Waterproofing?

Basically the waterproofing process is specially designed to protect the structure of your building from water and moisture, as it forms a strong barrier against any possible leakage.


In this article, we will show you how to choose the best materials for your waterproofing system…


When your roof is not well insulated, water and moisture seep into it, through holes and scratches on the roof, and damage the building.


It is important to use suitable bitumen materials for Roof waterproofing.


Insulation systems for all waterproofing applications
Insulation systems for all waterproofing applications

 Different types of bitumen products and solutions are used in waterproofing. But each type has certain characteristics that suit a specific application.


Also, it is necessary to consider the amount of precipitation and the climatic conditions of the area in which the building is located. So, you can determine if you need just bitumen waterproofing membranes, need to add a layer of protection, or even need a complete insulation system of several layers…



Bituminous Waterproofing Materials…

Bitumen-based insulation materials are such:


1- Bitumen Emulsions

“Rubber-based or water-based”

Which is used as a primer coat, in any waterproofing insulating system.


Bitumen Emulsions
Bitumen Emulsions


2- Modified Bitumen Membranes:

APP Bitumen Membranes, Modified with “Polymers”

SBS Bitumen Membranes, Modified with “Rubber”


Modified Bitumen Membrane
Modified Bitumen Membrane


Self Adhesive Bitumen Membranes


INSUSTICK - Adhesive Bitumen Membrane
INSUSTICK – Adhesive Bitumen Membrane


Bitumen Membranes are considered the basic layers in the waterproofing system of your building, and it is produced in different thicknesses and specifications according to the application and use.


3- Bituminous protection boards

The bitumen protection boards, is the final layer that provide additional protection, and extends the life of your insulation system.


Bitumen Protection Board
Bitumen Protection Board


Best Roof Waterproofing Materials Supplier…

For 35 years, INSUTECH has offered customized products according to all projects’ needs. Using the latest technologies available in the market, We managed to develop Bitumen production lines to manufacture products of all different specifications based on each customer’s requirements.

Our team of experts works closely with customers to develop customized products to meet their required specifications and needs, and to provide consistent, high-quality products that meet the standards of each project.


Lastly, We can provide technical and engineering consultation for all roof waterproofing projects, and any other application.

To make sure that you get the right waterproofing product for your project, that will meet your needs and provide the highest quality waterproofing and moisture insulation.


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