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Waterproofing Bitumen Membranes manufacturer & supplier
Bitumen Products Waterproofing Insulation Waterproofing Solutions

Waterproofing Bitumen Membranes manufacturer & supplier

INSUTECH is the leading bitumen membranes manufacturer and supplier Group. We started in 1987, manufacturing and developing insulation and packaging solutions.

With +36 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of bitumen-based waterproofing products and solutions. 

Along the way, Insutech expanded to be the biggest leading group in the Middle East and the world providing Full insulation systems and technical consultancy, to over 98 countries around the globe.

We develop, produce and customize a wide range of Modified Bitumen Membranes, Bitumen Emulsions, Bituminous Protection Boards, and Thermal insulation solutions. 


Bitumen membranes types:

Insutech is the world’s best bitumen membranes manufacturer and supplier.

Offering a wide range of bitumen-based products, such as bitumen emulsions, modified bitumen membranes, and bituminous protection boards. With different application methods, including hot-applied bitumen membranes or cold-adhesive bitumen membranes (torch-on or self-adhered).


1- APP Bitumen Membranes

Bituminous Membranes for Waterproofing Insulation manufactured in a high-tech calendaring process and modified with APP (Atactic Polypropylene), which provide great chemical resistance at high temperatures.

INSUSOL - APP Modified Bitumen Membrane
APP Modified Bitumen Membranes

APP Bitumen Membranes applications:

– Roofs Waterproofing Insulation

– Open-surfaces Waterproofing Insulation

– Sloped and flat roofs Waterproofing Insulation

– swimming pools Waterproofing Insulation


APP Bitumen Membranes advantages:

◼ Excellent flexibility at high temperatures ( up to → 150-C ˚)

◼ Superior dimensional stability

◼ Ease of adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces


2- SBS Bitumen Membranes

Bituminous Membranes for Waterproofing Insulation, manufactured in a high-tech calendaring process, and modified with synthetic rubber derived from (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene), providing high flexibility at low temperatures, giving the SBS bitumen membranes the memory to return to their original form.

INSUPRO - SBS Modified Bitumen Membrane
SBS Modified Bitumen Membranes

SBS Bitumen Membranes applications:

– Walls waterproofing insulation

– Buildings’ foundation waterproofing insulation

– Homes’ internal waterproofing insulation 

– Kitchens’ waterproofing insulation 

– Toilets and bathrooms waterproofing insulation 

– Tunnels & underground waterproofing insulation 


SBS Bitumen Membranes advantages:

◼ Excellent flexibility at low temperatures ( up to→25˚C)

◼ Excellent elasticity, High elongation, and tensile strength

◼ Strong adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces

◼ Superior dimensional stability


3- Self Adhesive Bitumen Membranes

INSUTECH’s self-adhesive membrane range consists of flexible membranes that provide excellent waterproofing with easier and safer application than traditional methods.

INSUSTICK - Adhesive Bitumen Membrane
INSUSTICK – Adhesive Bitumen Membrane


As no flames are required for the Self Adhesive Bitumen Membranes application, it can easily stick to any type of surface. 


4- Bitumen Boards / Sheets:

INSUBOARD – Bituminous protection boards, only by INSUTECH.

A high-quality bitumen-based waterproofing product, semi-flexible and durable at the same time, to provide complete protection during the waterproofing insulation process.

Bitumen Protection Board
Bitumen Protection Boards

Bituminous protection boards are used as a protective layer for different insulation systems, as it consists of a modified bitumen compound, combined between two layers of reinforcement such as fiberglass or polyester or both, and is compatible with all waterproofing systems provided by Insutech.


Why choose INSUTECH bitumen membranes?

Choosing INSUTECH bitumen membranes manufacturer & supplier means choosing the best quality and efficiency in waterproofing insulation…


INSUTECH Modified Bitumen Membranes features:

– Diverse & high-quality types of membranes to cover all needs and uses of our clients.

– Absolute water & moisture impermeability.

– Resistant to the most extreme weather conditions.

– Safer, faster, and easier installation.

– Excellent adhesion to all surfaces.

– Ease of maintenance.


Bitumen membranes Standard specifications:


1- Bitumen membranes specifications:

Insutech manufactures and supplies the World’s best bitumen membranes, with the highest international standard specifications and features, which come in the form of rolls…

– 1 meter in width 

– 10 meters in length 

– 4 mm in thickness


2- Bitumen membranes Reinforcement:

Insutech Bitumen membranes are reinforced with layers of fiberglass or polyester, or both combined, to boost mechanical characteristics such as tensile strength, penetration, and mechanical tear resistance to provide maximum elongation rates. 


3- Bitumen Membranes Surface Finishes:

The lower surface of the membrane is laminated with a thin thermo-fusible polyethylene ‘burn-off’ film. 

The membrane is available with a wide range of upper surface finish options including different colored slates, aluminum foil, sand, and polyethylene film.

Learn More about the Surface finishes of Insutech Bitumen Membranes: Click Here https://insutech-eg.com/surface-finish-guide/ 



Why Choose INSUTECH Bitumen Membranes Manufacturer & Supplier?!

At Insutech Group of factories, We are committed to providing the highest quality, while maintaining the most professional safety and integrity standards.


– Bitumen production lines and capacity:

With a total Manpower of +600 workers and employees, and our 3 manufacturing facilities on a total area of 50.000 m2.

The production capacity of Insutech bitumen membranes plants’ group reach and exceeds:

– 50.000 Ton / Bitumen Emulsions / per year 

– 26.000.000 m2 Bitumen Membranes / per year 


Our staff consists of experienced and high-qualified technicians, and have been in the industry of waterproofing for years and years. 


– Strict Quality Control:

To ensure the highest level of performance, all products offered by Insutech go through strict & accurate quality control and testing, during all stages of the manufacturing process to exceed the expectations of all our partners.

We handle work procedures according to the highest environmental protection and safety standards. And all of our products are certified by prestigious certification bodies.

We are “ISO” and CE Certificated, which means that all of our products comply with all European Standards, to ensure providing the highest quality to all our customers and partners around the world.

Learn more about our products’ certifications and recognitions:



– Full supervision and after-sales support

We offer full support to our clients even after delivery, through engineering consultancy, technical assistance, quality inspection, and recommendation of certified contractors and applicators.

Our first goal is to exceed our customers’ complete satisfaction with the services, solutions, and after-sales support.


Bitumen membranes Supplier & manufacturer:

Insutech has been a leading bitumen membranes manufacturer and supplier since 1987.

Focusing on offering superior quality products, to all of our clients and partners in success. 


Insutech bitumen distribution and exporting:

We are the market leader in insulation products exports worldwide! Our Bitumen Membranes are distributed and sold in over +98 countries all over the globe. 

Approximately 40% of our total production is supplied to the local market, while 60% is meant for export globally.


With our superior quality products and services, Combined with great experience and long history, Insutech distribution lines feature with: 

– High capacity of production

– Fast shipments to any country

– High-quality products and packaging

– Full supervision and after-sales support



INSUTECH GROUP offers Free Consultancy for all waterproofing projects.

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