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EPS Geofoam Blocks GEOFOAM



INSUTECH Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has very good compressive strength and is extremely lightweight which makes it the ideal material to be used in all geotechnical engineering applications.

INSUTECH EPS GEOFOAM is a multifunctional engineering filling solution, that consists of customized EPS Foam blocks cut, and used as light-weighting in lots, slabs, and landscaped areas.

The use of INSUTECH Geofoam leads to significant savings in concrete and unsuitable soil or other backfill materials and significantly reduces the load on the underlying compressible soil.

Lightweight terrain and terraces Geofoam Blocks can be used to create many landscaping shapes and even hills. Since it is about a hundred times lighter than soil, it does not add any unnecessary weight to the structures below it, such as parking lots.

A sustainable landscaping design is one that conforms to its natural surroundings. It only requires a certain type of input such as water or a naturally available fertilizer. Sustainable practices involve taking in as many resources as local nature can provide, without wasting anything.

EPS Sustainable landscaping exists in harmony with the local ecosystem. It’s versatile enough to remain completely flexible in the event of a natural disaster. INSUTECH Sustainable landscaping EPS requires minimal effort to maintain. Since these landscapes cooperate with their natural surroundings, they are essentially self-sufficient.

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