INSUSTICK - Bitumen Self Adhesive Membrane INSUSTICK

INSUSTICK – Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane

INSUSTICK – Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane

Description :

INSUTECH’s self adhesive membrane range consists of flexible membranes that provide excellent barrier against vapor all through easier and safer application than traditional methods . The membrane has a strong release film on the under layer while the upper surface is covered with either PE-film or slated minerals.


ADVANTAGES of INSUSTICK – Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane

  • Environmental friendly
  • Fast and easy application.
  • Excellent adhesion to any surface.
  • Safe application.
  • simplified vertical application.
  • Ideal adhesion on overlaps.
  • No shape limitation.


Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane APPLICATION

INSUTECH self adhesive membranes (PES) are used for a wide variety of waterproofing requirements and in applications subject to high mechanical stresses , such as :

  • Roofing or re-roofing of single or multi-layer systems.
  • Sloped and flat roofs.
  • Tunnels, wet areas, swimming pools and toilets.
  • Foundations and underground structures.
  • Slab on grade – only with use of INSUBORAD.
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