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The best Bitumen Emulsions manufacturer and supplier

Bitumen emulsions are a liquid type of bitumen with a low viscosity. Easier to handle, store, and transport.

Moreover,  it’s cold applied, which reduces the consumption of energy and makes construction more Safe, environmentally friendly & sustainable.


It is manufactured by dispersing bitumen in water and adding an emulsifier, ordinary bitumen turns into a low-viscosity liquid that can easily be used in a variety of applications, like repairing and maintaining roads, waterproofing, etc…


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What is Bitumen Emulsion ?

“Bitumen emulsion is a dispersed liquid consisting of three products, water, bitumen, and emulsion”.

As bitumen is a petroleum product it doesn’t mix well with water & quickly separates.

To overcome this, a third component, known as an emulsifier, is normally added to the mixture.

An emulsifier can be defined as a surface-active agent that keeps the bitumen in its fine droplet state by disallowing it to mix with other droplets. 


Production and manufacturing of Bitumen Emulsions :

production of Asphalt emulsion takes place in two simple steps:


Step 1:

Firstly, the water is mixed with the appropriate emulsifier and other chemical agents. The choice of emulsifier depends upon the ionic nature of the mix.

Step 2:

Bitumen emulsion is made using a colloid mill, which mixes bitumen with water and an emulsifier.

In this process, bitumen is milled into very small droplets that can easily suspend in the water.

With the addition of emulsifiers, bitumen droplets become more water friendly. Water droplets as well move closer to the tiny droplets of bitumen, making sure that the final bituminous product is stable enough.


Generally, the amount of bitumen in the bitumen emulsion is 55 to 65%, the amount of water 35 to 45 %, and the number of emulsifiers should be a maximum of 0.5% of the bitumen emulsion’s weight.

In the manufacturing process, many factors such as droplets’ size, chemical additions, and the temperature of various components are accurately controlled.


Types of Bitumen Emulsions

INSUTECH line of cold-applied waterproofing coatings consists of a variety of water-based and rubberized liquid bitumen emulsions.

1- Water Based Liquid bitumen 

A premium bitumen emulsion from Insutech, produced with a formula that consists of selected raw materials and water droplets blended with high bitumen that allows the emulsion to penetrate concrete surfaces.


2- Rubberized Liquid bitumen 

A premium bitumen emulsion from Insutech, with a formula that consists of selected raw materials and rubber blended with high-quality bitumen that allows the emulsion to penetrate concrete surfaces.


Advantages and features of Bitumen Emulsions :

Bitumen emulsions are used extensively in waterproofing insulation. Other than this they are used for maintenance and construction works.


  • Great waterproofing characteristics. 
  • Variation of applications, with variation of types between “Water-based” and “Rubber-based”.
  • Cold Applied, doesn’t need heat while installing.
  • Deep concrete surface penetration.
  • Curing compound for concrete.
  • Environmentally friendly by being non-hazardous.
  • Resistant to attacks of salts and chemicals.
  • High coverage results in cost-efficient application.
  • Non-flammable.


Bitumen Emulsion applications:

Asphalt emulsions can also be used as a primer coat to prepare surfaces for bituminous membranes in any waterproofing insulation system.

The formed coat has the ability to proof water vapor and humidity, acting as the ultimate protective barrier for various waterproofing applications and surfaces exposed to aggressive soils. 

  • Priming coat for waterproofing insulation systems.
  • Waterproofing and protective coating in foundations, basements, bathrooms, and wet areas.
  • General waterproofing coating for both interior and exterior floors and walls.
  • Renovate and waterproof old roads. 
  • Sealing of concrete decks.
  • Damp-proofing membrane in sandwich panels.
  • Protective coating for built-up roofing systems.
  • Maintenance of asphalt pavements and roads.
  • Improve the strength & fatigue life of asphalt pavement and roads.


Bitumen Emulsions Supplier & Manufacturer:

Insutech has been a leading bitumen emulsion manufacturer since 1987.

Focusing on offering superior quality products, to all of our clients and partners in success. 

We evolved to achieve global success by exporting our products to +98 countries and we pride ourselves on serving clients all over the world.


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