Customized Packaging

Customized Foam Packaging Solutions


INSUTECH offers you the possibility to customize the designs, shapes, and sizes of different foam molds based on your preferences and needs for your packaging.

Our experienced team leads you from the ground up, giving you the full service you need, whether it’s during mold development or packaging design.

Today we have more than 300 molds available in our factories ready for immediate delivery, and we manufacture custom packaging molds in specified quantities.

Our Foam Packaging molds are made from Expanded Polystyrene Foam – EPS, to ensure durability and protection.


Custom Foam Molds, can be used for various products:

  • Packaging Electronic devices
  • Packaging Household Appliances 
  • Packaging Auto parts 
  • Packaging Glassware
  • Packaging fragile items
  • And more….


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