Bituminous Protection Boards

Bituminous Protection Boards

INSUBOARD – Bitumen Protection Board

INSUBOARD – Bituminous Protection Boards

A tough, high-quality, semi-flexible modified bituminous board used as a protection layer for various waterproofing systems.

It consists of a modified bitumen compound, embedded between two layers of saturated reinforcements such as fiberglass or composite mat, providing a robust protection board with superior resistance to damage and deviation.


INSUBOARD – Bituminous Protection Board Advantages

  • Semi flexible yet robust
  • High tolerance to normal soil and structural movements
  • Resistant to penetration of backfilling materials and accidental damages from site operations
  • Water-resistant against wet soil conditions
  • Cost-saving by eliminating the need for screed, masonry protection
  • Compatible with most waterproofing systems, especially bituminous systems
  • Time-saving and easy to install
  • Resistant to chemicals and salts found in soil


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