EPS Foam chips for Packaging Foam CHIPS

Foam Chips for Packaging


INSUTECH Packing chips come in the form of cubes, to be more sustainable and easier to ship and sort during delivery. 

The Foam chips are made from Expanded Polystyrene foam (EPS) – which is considered the perfect filler to protect fragile items. It makes use of empty space and closely surrounds the items they pack.

INSUTECH EPS Foam Chips for packaging, create a cushioning effect that has the most convenient forms of packing and packaging for fragile objects, especially gifts and over-the-seas shipped packages.

The foam chips form a high-resistance pad, that envelopes the object and therefore protects it from shocks, sudden movements, and sudden temperature changes.

INSUTECH packing chips are very lightweight and could be filled in boxes of all sizes and shapes.

In addition to that, INSUTECH foam chips can be reused repeatedly a number of times.


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