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Lightweight Fill


Foam Blocks for FLOOR RAISING in Egypt

Expanded polystyrene Foam Blocks are increasingly selected as an alternative to traditional filling solutions due to their lightweight and cost-effective features. lightweight raising concrete floor systems are popular these days because of the superior benefits they offer homeowners.

Most engineers and consultants prefer to use expanded polystyrene blocks as the base material for these foundations to get more climate control, for floor leveling purposes, and to create a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services.


INSUTECH Floor Raising Materials Features :

construction acceleration

EPS Foam Blocks provide a raised structural floor over the concrete slab, in a short time frame which speeds up the raised floor construction time.

Energy saving

EPS Foam Blocks give you a well-insulated raised floor, which can help the building to retain the cool needed during hot weather.

Keeps utilities in good condition

Pipes are subject to cracking depending on the weather. Placing pipes or cables during construction within the EPS Foam Blocks raised floor, can help maintain its condition, thus avoiding problems.


EPS Foam Materials that are used to raise the floor are very lightweight and therefore will not add a load to the existing building structure.

High compressive strength

Although INSUTECH EPS Blocks materials are lightweight, they undoubtedly have a high compressive strength that can carry heavy loads.

Flexibility in design

Any size or design can be done. EPS Foam material is flexible enough to be molded into any shape you want.

Easy to install

Being lightweight and flexible, less labor will be required to install and finish the floor raise system. and no heavy machinery/equipment is required, thus, project completion time will be fast.


INSUTECH EPS material are exceptionally cost-effective as it is fast to install which reduces the total cost of the project