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Packaging Sheets

Foam Packaging Sheets

INSUTECH offers a wide range of polystyrene sheets that can be used in all packaging applications.

For many years, EPS has proven to be the most effective solution, in many packaging applications used by all industries, and shipping companies.


EPS Foam is characterized by being:

  • lightweight
  • cushioning properties
  • heat resistance
  • odor blocking


The insulation properties have made EPS sheets a popular choice for food, medical, and pharmaceutical packaging.

EPS is also used to protect countless other products used to assemble components, during distribution, internal storage, cargo, and shipping to the end-user.


The perfect alternative for traditional packaging materials:

Using INSUTECH protective expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam sheets is the perfect alternative to corrugated and other packaging materials.

The versatile nature of EPS foam allows for a vast array of protective packaging uses. INSUTECH EPS provides impact-resistant cushioning to reduce product damage during transportation, handling, and shipment.

We have a wide range of stock sheets ready for same-day dispatch to anywhere in Egypt. We can also customize it to any shape, size, or thickness required, to suit all packing purposes.


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