Thermal Insulation, With INSUTECH XPS & EPS Polystyrene sheets
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Thermal Insulation, With INSUTECH XPS & EPS Polystyrene sheets

Our planet could not be more clear! We witness the effects of the environmental damage caused by the traditional ways of thermal insulation, every day with our own eyes.

Extreme increases in temperature, weather and the global warming, along with the economic problems we have been experiencing in recent years.


Day by day sustainable thermal insulation becomes more important…

You need to use more sustainable and effective methods of heat and moisture insulation, and to move away from traditional methods, which deplete the environment and negatively affect it.

The energy efficiency of a building depends on the materials used to create its envelop. Choosing the right type of insulation systems and products is important in delivering the insulation performance required for your project.


Insutech polystyrene foam sheets, the ideal solution for thermal insulation..

Using XPS and EPS Polystyrene foam sheets from INSUTECH, provide a great deal of flexibility, compatibility and efficiency in heat insulation of all surfaces.

Why to choose polystyrene foam sheets for heat insulation?

XPS and EPS Polystyrene foam sheets have so many advantages, rather than all other traditional insulation solutions.

– Reducing heat permeability from the outside to the inside, ensuring a moderate temperature inside the building.
– More sustainable solution, that does not cause any harm to the environment
– Rationalization of energy and electricity consumption, used for internal cooling and heating processes
– Savings in the final budget of insulation project, as it is:

Easier and faster to install

More economical in cost

No frequent maintenance required

Durable and has a longer life than all other solutions


Choose Insutech solutions for integrated thermal insulation applications


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