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Integrated Insulation systems from INSUTECH
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Integrated Insulation systems from INSUTECH

INSUTECH develops fully integrated insulation systems and solutions, for all waterproofing applications.


INSUTECH waterproofing products include:

– Liquid bitumen emulsions used as a primer
– SBS and APP modified bitumen membranes/rolls
– Bituminous protection panels for extra protection and perfect insulation


Why to Choose INSUTECH Insulation systems for waterproofing?


Smart and innovative waterproofing system, fully developed by INSUTECH.

To ensure that your roofs and buildings are perfectly insulated, and protected from water leakages problems and moisture. you need to use an integrated insulation system, not just a single layer of insulation.
Or several layers of one product.


How to apply the integrated waterproofing system from INSUTECH?

1- Prepare, dust off & Clean the Surface you want to insulate very well.


2- Paint a layer of Bitumen emulsion ” Insucoat or Insuguard “

To fill any voids or breakages, smoothen the surface, and provide a primary coat for the insulation system.


3- Use the suitable Modified Bitumen Membranes type for your project 

– SBS modified membranes for roof insulation 

– APP modified bitumen membranes for walls and foundations insulation


4- For extra isolation we recommend adding INSUMAT – Bitumen Protection Board – to your system.


Choose, The quality, experience and the professional support.