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CAIRO—15 December 2016 As the construction market is re-boosting in the GCC region, so have the opportunities for INSUTECH. The Big 5 Show was the first in turn since the company launched its extended line of insulation products in 2016, following its main focus to be a one-stop-shop for insulation solutions. The high interest from exhibition stakeholders imprinted a strengthened brand and higher growth potential for INSUTECH, not only regionally but also globally.

From the 21st to the 24th of November 2016, INSUTECH exhibited in the Big 5 Show Dubai, UAE, which is the GCC region’s largest building and construction event. The event attracted construction experts from all over the world with more than 13,000 visitors attending this year’s opening day. Despite the fact that the GCC construction industry is trying to recover from the drop of oil prices, UAE officials state that there are around 300 projects in the pipeline as a result of the Expo 2020 and Dubai Plan 2021, with neighboring countries following the development path towards economic regrowth.

International partnerships are one of INSUTECH’s main strengths and today, the company exports its products to more than 56 countries around the world. “At the Big 5 in Dubai, we had the chance to meet buyers and traders from the EMEA region and Asia. The event facilitated spin-offs in unexplored markets and now we see even greater opportunities offered by the industry”, Export Manager, Eng. Mostafa El Bakry, said. He continued, “The GCC is one of our most dynamic regions and we have noticed higher interest in our products since last year resulting into strategic partnerships. The currency devaluation in Egypt along with the support given from the Egyptian government has been to our advantage in terms of pricing against our competitors.”

INSUTECH also used The Big 5 Show 2016 as a launch of its latest solution INSUBOARD®. “As buildings require extended life span, waterproofing and thermal insulation systems play one of the most crucial roles in the construction. Our main focus has always been on high quality production, using the latest manufacturing units from Italy, the highest grades of raw material from Europe, while focusing on obtaining quality certificates such as CE* and BBA** for our products. By adding INSUBOARD to our portfolio, we are now able to offer a complete insulation system that not only seals, but also protects from any damages commonly caused by manpower. It is a guarantee for contractors who are out to protect their investment.” Eng. Mostafa El Bakry, said.

INSUBOARD® is a bituminous protection board which is used as a second layer waterproofing sheet in waterproofing systems, whilst protecting against damages caused during construction. The product is designed to provide a strong robust material that resists penetration of the sharpest edges and heavy loads. INSUTECH is continuously working to promote its products through different exhibitions and visits around the world. To learn more about our upcoming activities and market visits, please contact Mrs. Maria Isik at

*CE (Conformité Européene / European Conformity) **BBA (British Board of Agrément)