Exporting News

Expanding, Today INSUTECH exporting to 95 countries

Since 1987, INSUTECH has been developing and manufacturing all insulation solutions

And with 35 years of dedication and hard work, INSUTECH today is Leading The International market of insulation.

Exporting modified bitumen products and polystyrene solutions To +95 Countries around the globe.


Started From The Egyptian Local Market, with a passion for insulation, That motivated us to …

Expand our products portfolio to include all bitumen and polystyrene foam products for all applications.

Continuous development to our solutions, using the latest technologies.

With a vision of a sustainable growth, We managed to be the “one-stop shop”. For all Constructions & Insulation Systems and materials.


High-quality standards For All Insulation Products and Systems

The secret of this international success is built through trust, Credibility and high quality standards we maintain.

We are continuously developing and working on our products & solutions.

Committed to providing the highest quality, and maintaining professional safety standards.


Choose INSUTECH as your insulation materials supplier…

We offer our full support to our clients in every step including after-sales support. Through engineering consultancy, technical assistance, quality inspection, and recommendation of certified contractors and applicators.

Our first goal is to reach our customers’ complete satisfaction with the services and solutions provided to them by INSUTECH.


Choose, The quality, Experience and the Professional Support.