Are you a dedicated and goal oriented person who wants to be a part of a dynamic team? INSUTECH is constantly on the outlook for talents to join our team.

We understand our employees and understand their needs, so we strive to provide a Positive Working Environment and since One of the main reasons employees quit is the relationship with their first-line supervisor, and/or their peers, we continually offer our teams a top-notch team-building and leadership development programs on a regular basics. Also, we promote the open-door policy through Transparent & Open Communication with all levels. We try our best to maintain balance between work and personal life. In general, having that sense of balance will improve job satisfaction among employees because they will feel that they’re not overlooking the other areas of their lives that are, if not more, important to them than work.

Money and benefits may attract people to the front door, but we provide something else that is keeping our employees from going out the back. People have a basic human need to feel appreciated and proud of their work and our successful Recognition and incentive programs help meet that need.

People may show up for work, but are they engaged and productive? Our People are more committed and engaged because they know they can contribute their ideas and suggestions that gives them a sense of ownership. We have been known with our ability to create and manufacture new and innovative products. In order to foster the exchange of ideas within departments, we sponsor a quarterly I&D (information and discussion) meetings. During those meetings, employees and engineers display projects and ideas they are working on. This process creates a healthy climate of innovation and engages all those who participate.

Contact Group was founded on the excellence of its employees, and for most people, career opportunities are just as important as the money they make. As a result, we created Contact Group Academy to boost our commitment to training and development and to provide all required technical and inter-personal skills of our teams. Skilled people will not remain in a job if they see no future in their position. To eliminate the feeling of being in a dead-end job, every position has an individual development plan.

Continuous evaluation and never-ending improvement is the final step of our PRIDE system. The primary purpose of evaluation is to measure progress and determine what satisfies and de-satisfies our workforce. The evaluation process includes the measurement of attitudes, morale, turnover, and the engagement level of the workforce.