An internship is an opportunity offered by INSUTECH to students interested in the industry. An intern works at the company for a fixed period of time, usually one three to six months.

Internships can be any time of the year, including over the summer and during the regular semesters.

In INSUTECH Internships offer students a hands-on opportunity to work in their desired field. They learn how their course of study applies to the real world and build valuable experience that makes them stronger candidates for jobs after graduation.

The daily tasks of an intern can vary widely, It is largely dependent on the company itself. In some internships, you may do mainly administrative tasks or run errands. But in others, you will be an important part of team, making substantial contributions to the company.

Interns are usually college or graduate students.

In some cases, we do extend full-time job offers to exceptional interns, though this is not guaranteed and is the exception rather than the norm. To better your chances of this happening, be proactive in your work, pay attention to detail, be willing to listen and take criticism and volunteer for special projects. Positioning yourself as a hardworking, reliable worker puts you in good standing for consideration.

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