EPS Solutions Assortment

Industrial Packaging

INSUTECH offers a wide range of industrial packaging solutions, ranging from car parts to electronic devices and home appliances. Our packaging solutions offer ultimate protection to the products during the shipping and handling phases. We also offer customizable packaging solutions

Pharmaceutical Molds

INSUTECH’s Pharmaceutical molds foam are designed to cushion, protect, absorb shocks, and insulate the product during shipping, handling, and storage. Our strict manufacturing specifications, design consistency, precision form and fit, and quality control assure our product’s high quality.

Expanded Beads

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight, closed cell, rigid, plastic foam insulation material produced from solid beads of polystyrene. The EPS beads are expanded to form flexible beads then packing according to customer required density, which added to mix cement

Ice Cream Boxes

We offer a wide range of containers for ice-cream cakes and frozen desserts. Our products meet the needs for packaging, conservation, and transport. They are the ideal solutions for the ice-cream industry and pastry shops looking for a wide range

Fish Boxes

Our fish boxes provide a unique combination of economic, performance and environmental benefits. They are strong and resilient, yet still lightweight. They provide great insulation and enhance food service sanitation while at the same time protecting public health. They also

Seedling Trays

EPS foam Seedling Tray are designed to produce consistent, exceptional quality plants by developing unrivaled quality root structures. These trays come in various sizes to fulfill your own individual growing needs. These trays are easily cleaned, easily sterilized without deforming